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Impacts on society


Once created and made accessible, the Holomicrobiome Database and the digital twin built on top of it will be of great value to innovative companies, scientists, governments and society. The institute will actively promote the application and valorisation of the new knowledge.

A wide range of innovative applications are expected in each of the domains that span the food system holomicrobiome. New diagnostic tools (such as microbiome testing), for example, and innovative pre- and probiotic prevention and treatment interventions, not just in health care and human nutrition, but also in animal feed, veterinary health care, animal husbandry, agriculture, and soil and water management – ​​all major, international sectors and markets.

This also offers companies great opportunities for testing and developing innovative and better products, services and other interventions.

In addition, governments will be able to develop cross-domain and cross-sector policies, refine their regulations and enforce them with more advanced diagnostic tools than available today.