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Holomicrobiome Database & Digital Twin


The Holomicrobiome Institute will aim as much microbiome research as possible at populating and utilizing one integrated Food System Holomicrobiome Database (FSHDB), to be built by the institute. In the database, large amounts of research data are collected using a newly defined holomicrobiome-wide standard. They will subsequently be linked, stored, and made accessible to the outside world.

Once primary source for the new database will be large, cross-domain, long-term cohort and field studies set up and managed by the Institute itself. Where possible, data from other and ongoing studies will be converted and fed into the database as well.

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), mathematical modelling and other computational sciences, the contents of the ever-growing database will be analyzed. Moreover, the data will be used to create a Digital Twin, i.e., a virtual scale model of the actual holomicrobiome. Eventually, this model should enable researchers and companies to do theoretical experiments and make predictions about how events and interventions in one corner of the holomicrobiome (such as in the soil or in agriculture) have positive and/or negative impacts in others (such as in food products or at the hospital).

Innovative companies will be able to use these new tools to test and develop new and better products, services and other interventions in various sectors.